Externship program

If you are interested in a more extensive and structured experience, please consider a 150 hour Externship with ASAT. The duration of the Externship program is approximately one year. A typical month includes 12-15 hours of direct Extern work, though this is flexible given the specific projects that are active at any given time. We accept Externs with a wide range of experience and backgrounds from high school through advanced graduate training. Externship activities may include the following:

  • Writing for our quarterly newsletter or for our website (e.g., Clinical Corner, Consumer Corner);
  • Proofreading content of our quarterly newsletter;
  • Learning how to critically evaluate published research;
  • Learning about grant writing and participating in all aspects of the process starting with grant research and selection and culminating in actual submission;
  • Learning how to evaluate and critique media representations of autism treatment;
  • Learning about fundraising conceptualization, development, and execution both at the local and national levels;
  • Actively participating in social media and learning about its use to convey information to the autism community;
  • Learning about autism services in other parts of the world and engaging in efforts to promote dissemination and awareness of science-based treatments;
  • Working alongside board members in an array of writing, editing, and fundraising activities;
  • Participating in Extern conference calls to share ideas, provide updates on externship activities, and discuss seminal articles. These calls are conducted over the phone approximately every three weeks and are scheduled at times that do not interfere with the daily professional responsibilities Externs have outside of ASAT; and
  • Working toward the completion of three individualized goals (mutually agreed upon by the Extern and ASAT)

Read what some of our Externs are sharing about their experiences.

  • “The Externship has been a valuable professional experience that has helped me to develop a variety of professional skills while also contributing in a meaningful way to the dissemination of quality information on science-based autism treatment.” ~ Liz Callahan (Hoboken, NJ)
  • “I joined ASAT’s Externship Program to participate in dissemination of science-based autism treatment on a larger scale. I wanted to be part of a network and team of other professionals who value the use of empirical research for developing treatments for individuals with autism.” ~ Tiffany Kilby (Panama City, Florida)
  • “Joining ASAT’s externship program has given me the opportunity to disseminate science-based treatment for autism, work with wonderful professionals in the field, and build my professional experience. Being a part of a team that cares deeply enough to spend their free time advocating for individuals with autism has been empowering, and I’ve learned so many new skills that I’ll be able to use going forward in my career.” ~ Allison Parker (Summit, NJ)
  • “Joining ASAT has been an amazing experience for me. Having a brother with autism has made me want to reach out into the community and help others learn about authentic, science-based treatments for autism. ASAT has enabled me to do just that! I am currently learning about international dissemination of evidence based practices regarding autism treatments, and am very excited about this. Through graphic designs that I have helped create for posters, flyers, and even bookmarks, I have been able to reach out to others. Although I am only in high school, ASAT welcomed me with open arms. The members of this group are very knowledgeable, passionate, and energetic, and are very inspiring models for me. I thank everyone, especially Dr. Celiberti, for allowing me to participate as an active member of this awesome group.” ~ Alexandra Penzi (Manhasset, NY)
  • “Working with ASAT has been a great experience. I’ve had the opportunity to use my strengths and build upon them by writing in the newsletter, learning about the grant application process, and collaborating with other team members. Most of all, my experience has enhanced my skepticism and ability to look for the facts.” ~ Alice Walkup (Los Angeles, California)

If you are interested in applying to the Externship Program, please submit the ASAT Externship Application.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested in other ways you can support ASAT (e.g., fund raising), please visit our How You Can Help Page.

Some recent articles about our Externship:

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