Accomplishments & Goals

Highlights of Some of Our 2016 Accomplishments

We are very proud to share the following…

  • Publication of four issues of Science in Autism Treatment covering myriad topics of interest to families and professionals alike, and launched a new column called Is There Science Behind That?
  • Subscribers from over 100 countries
  • Further development of our website with special pages for parents of older children and adults, medical professionals, and members of the media
  • Publication of numerous Media Watch letters and Media Alert posts in response to accurate and inaccurate news articles and broadcasts related to autism treatment
  • Creation of posters reflecting ASAT’s mission and commitment to science-based treatment
  • Development of a resource booklet for parents of newly diagnosed children with autism available free online and to be distributed in print in 2017
  • Expansion of our Externship program now including Externs from other countries such as Canada, Australia, UAE, and India
  • Graduation of several Externs, many of whom have assumed Coordinator level roles or Board Member roles within the organization
  • Addition of several new committed members to the Board of Directors from the US and Canada, and expansion of our Professional Advisory Board
  • Increase in social media to reach families and professionals (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) with almost 11,000 Facebook fans and over 1,300 followers on Twitter
  • Collaboration with Different Roads to Learning (DRL) to publish monthly blogs
  • Roll out of the 6th Annual Rock’n 4 Autism Awareness campaign with over 50 business donors and over $8,000 raised to promote autism awareness on both national and local levels
  • Hosting of our first “Cut-a-thon” fundraiser in Canada

Highlights of Our 2017 Goals

With your help, we are excited to work toward these goals in 2017…

  • Create Public Service Announcements (PSAs) related to ASAT, our resources, and best practices in Spanish
  • Increase Science in Autism Treatment (SIAT) subscriber base to 12,000 with targeted focus on underserved areas in the US and throughout the world
  • Publish more synopses of recently published research to keep up with the growing number of studies on interventions for autism, considering requests from our website visitors
  • Distribute resource booklet to international journalists
  • Create additional content for our newly launched, comprehensive website as well as enhance navigation across website pages
  • Continue to expand our website pages for parents with a newly-diagnosed child, medical professionals, and members of the media
  • Increase our Facebook fans to 12,000, Twitter followers to 1,500 and increase ASAT’s presence on quality autism community blog sites
  • Increase reach to medical communities, particularly pediatricians and family practice doctors, sharing information about ASAT and science-based treatment
  • Increase ASAT’s presence at state, regional, national, and international conferences
  • Increase grant submissions to support our work
  • Provide information regarding ASAT and autism to faculty in ABA, special education, psychology, and speech pathology programs nationwide
  • More extensively tap into the wealth of experience and expertise of our Advisory Board members
  • Recruit new writers and increase number of Media Watch letters and Media Alert posts in response to accurate/inaccurate portrayals of autism treatment, with heightened focus on international topics, biomedical advances and lifespan considerations
  • Prepare new monthly blogs with Different Roads to Learning
  • Develop a 2017 strategic plan in preparation for our 20th anniversary

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