Accomplishments & Goals

2017 Accomplishments

We are very proud to share the following…

  • Published four issues of Science in Autism Treatment (SIAT) covering topics of interest to families and professionals alike, and launched a new column Is There Science Behind That? (for subscribers from over 100 countries)
  • Further developed website special pages & enhanced website readability for concerned parents, parents of older children and adults, and journalists
  • Published several Media Watch letters and Media Alert posts in response to accurate and inaccurate news articles and broadcasts related to autism treatment
  • Expanded our Externship Program including Externs from Ireland, Brazil, Canada, Australia, UAE, and India. Nine Externs graduated, with seven assuming long-term roles within ASAT
  • Added new committed members to the Board of Directors and to Professional Advisory Board
  • Increased social media to reach families and professionals with almost 12,000 Facebook fans and almost 1,500 Twitter followers
  • Collaborated with Different Roads to Learning (DRL) to publish monthly blogs
  • Recruited several new sponsors from the US and Canada
  • ASAT was represented in the Boston Marathon and at professional events such as ABAI, Autism New Jersey, and Eden II
  • Obtained the 2017 Silver Seal of Transparency from GuideStar

2018 Goals

With your help, we are excited to work toward these goals …

  • Increase SIAT subscribers to 13,000 targeting underserved areas in the US and abroad. Increase our Facebook fans and Twitter followers, and expand ASAT’s presence on quality autism community blog sites and Increase ASAT’s presence at state, regional, national, and international conferences
  • Continue to develop our website and SIAT newsletter offerings specific to medical providers particularly pediatricians and family practice doctors, sharing information about ASAT and science-based treatment
  • Continue to provide information regarding ASAT and autism to ABA faculty, special education, psychology, and speech pathology programs nationwide
  • Continue to publish synopses of research studies to keep up with the growing number of studies on interventions for autism, considering requests from our website visitors. Continue to expand treatment summaries.
  • Develop resource booklet for parents of newly diagnosed children with autism available free online & in print and distribute resource booklet to international journalists
  • Continue to expand our website pages for parents with a newly-diagnosed child, parents of older children and adults, and media professionals
  • Create Public Service Announcements in Spanish related to ASAT, our resources, and best practices
  • Increase grant submissions to support our work. Tap more extensively into the wealth of experience and expertise of our Advisory Board members
  • Increase number of Media Alert posts in response to accurate/inaccurate portrayals of autism treatment, with heightened focus on international topics, biomedical advances and lifespan considerations. Prepare new monthly blogs with DRL
  • Implement 2018 strategic plan for our 20th anniversary


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