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ASAT has shared almost 200 letters with the autism community. Please scroll below to peruse our library of archived Media Watch letters. Letters related to specific treatments may also appear when you use the search bar on our website. To read more about Media Watch, please click here.

Disclaimer:  Media Watch letters represent the views of the individual writer(s) and do not necessarily represent a formal position taken by the Board of ASAT.


ASAT Responds to The Guardian’s, “‘France is 50 Years Behind’: The ‘State Scandal’ of French Autism Treatment”

March 9, 2018


Dear Angelique Chrisafis: Thank you for your article, “’France is 50 years behind’: the ‘state scandal’ of French autism treatment.” Sadly, it looks like not much progress has been made since we first wrote about the unethical condition of autism treatment in France (January, 2012, February 2012, May, 2012). The psychoanalytic approach is still predominant…

ASAT Responds to Slate’s, “Should We Screen All 2-Year Olds for Autism?”

January 31, 2018


Dear Ms. Kirsch, This letter is being shared in response to your article, “Should We Screen All 2-Year Olds for Autism?”  Commendably, you shared important information with your readers about the value of early detection and early intervention.  You correctly state that the sooner autism is identified, the sooner children can access early intervention that…

ASAT Responds to MEDICC Review’s, “Autism Spectrum Disorder in Cuba: Comprehensive and Coordinated Response”

December 29, 2017


Dear Conner Gorry, We are writing in response to your article, “Autism Spectrum Disorder in Cuba: Comprehensive and Coordinated Response,” published online in MEDICC Review’s open access International Journal of Cuban Health and Medicine (April–July 2017).  First and foremost, we would like to applaud you for disseminating your analysis on the prevalence of autism in…

ASAT Responds to The Inquirer’s, “Falling Off the Cliff”

December 27, 2017


Dear Ms. Polaneczky, In response to your four-part series titled “Falling Off the Cliff,” that was recently published in The Inquirer, we would like to share our feedback regarding several main points of your article. You highlighted important experiences of adults with disabilities and their families, including the long wait list for funding resources for…

ASAT Responds to Science-Based Medicine’s, “Preying on the Vulnerable: Electrodiagnostics, Bach Flower Remedies, and Sound Therapy for Autism, ADHD, and Learning Problems”

November 28, 2017


Dr. Hall, Thank you for your article.  We deeply appreciate your recognition of the work of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment in taking steps to keep science at the forefront of every conversation about autism treatment.  Your readers may not be aware of the sad reality that there are over 500 proposed treatments…

ASAT Responds to The Washington Post’s, “Nowhere to Go: Young People with Severe Autism Languish Weeks or Longer in Hospitals”

November 14, 2017


Dear Ms. Jewett, We are writing in response to your recent article, “Nowhere to go: Young people with severe autism languish weeks or longer in hospitals.”  We would like to commend you for highlighting an important issue, which is the extreme difficulties people with autism and their families encounter in crisis situations.  Your article also…

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