How can we help you?

As a member of the media, you need quick access to accurate, up-to-date, science-based information about specific autism treatments. And, ASAT’s resources are here to help you in your research. There are hundreds of proposed autism treatments with only a handful supported by scientific evidence. Find links to ASAT’s Treatment Summaries here. Each summary includes a brief description, an assessment of the scientific research supporting or refuting that treatment, and key references for more information.

Please familiarize yourself with our FAQ section. Although this list of frequently asked questions is a work in progress, we hope that you can find some responses to recurring questions here. Please also peruse our Resources section for a number of articles that will help you in accurately reporting news about autism treatment. Finally, our Media Watch section may also be of interest to you. Read some of ASAT’s responses to both accurate and inaccurate news stories.

Families deserve accurate, science-based information about autism treatment – not unjustified hype and sensationalism. Your role as a responsible journalist is critically important in helping families and other consumers make the best possible treatment choices for their children.

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