In addition to our entire board of directors, we acknowledge the following 2014 donors. Without their support, our important work could not be carried out.

Sustaining $20,000

The Leah & Alain Lebec Foundation, Inc.

Benefactors $1,000 – $1,999

Alison and Bernie Webb

Alliance $500 – $999

Mike and Kelly Windsor (in honor of Peggy Halliday)
Ethel and Nathan Cohen Foundation

Patron $100 – $499

Gwendolyn Artope
Francisco Barrera
Gordon Bourland
David Diosi
John and Caroline Ferrando (in honor of Daniela Fazzio)
Sharon Fitzgerald
Richard Foxx
Phyllis Freidt
Gregory Frey
Gina Green
Nea Hanscomb (in honor of Kathryn Dobel)
David Hinds (in honor of Peggy Halliday)
Gale and Lynn Hoksberger
Laurie Lapin Jones
Richard Malott
Joyce Mauk
Sharon Reeve
Caroline Simard
Tom and Carol Sloan
Thomas Zwicker

Friends $1 – $99

Susan Bardet (in honor of Kathryn Dobel)
Laura Benghal (in honor of Kathryn Dobel)
Patricia Berezny
Alice Bravo
Catherine Bryson
Douglas Celiberti
William Dube
Deborah Fein
Sarah Feller
Harry Halbert
Bethany Halliday (in honor of Peggy Halliday)
Marie Halliday (in honor of Peggy Halliday)
Sandra Harris
Jennifer Hieminga
Jim Khoury
Paul McDonnell
Elizabeth Neumann
Leslie Phillips
Patrick Sorensen
John Streyle
Jana Vitale
Alice Walkup
Harry Wentz
Sara White

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