Community Sponsors

Take a moment and see who has graciously donated to the Association for Science in Autism Treatment as a Professional Sponsor or as a Community Sponsor. If you are interested in donating to our cause, please find out what it means to be a Sponsor of ASAT.

Champion $2,000

Benefactor $1,000

Autism New Jersey

DQ Fan Food

Caribbean Elite Island Resort

Erik’s Ranch & Retreats

Ironstate Development

Alliance $500

A Whole New World Academy

Behavior Tracker Pro

Classic Kids

Different Roads

Edison Hotel New York

Hartshorn Portraiture

Muller Insurance

Riverside Pediatric Group

The Broadway Comedy Club

Patron $200

ABA Piano Lessons

Anthony David’s Gourmet Specialties

BCB Hoboken Bank

Caesars Entertainment


Devotion Yoga Studio

Jump On In!

Local Barre

My Gym Hoboken


Resort Casino Hotel

Room To Grow

Santiago Dance Kids

State Farm Hugo Gonzalez

The Saltair Inn

Weiss Printers

ASAT is proud to unveil the …
2017 Real Science, Real Hope Sponsorship Initiative

ASAT believes that individuals with autism have the right to effective treatments which are scientifically demonstrated to make meaningful, positive change in their lives. It can be challenging for families to find accurate information about the efficacy of various interventions for autism, and for that reason, central to ASAT’s mission, is the goal of disseminating accurate information about autism treatments. ASAT works toward a time when all families will be empowered to identify and choose the most effective, scientifically-validated interventions for their child, and all providers can be guided by science when selecting and implementing their interventions.

There are many professional organizations and businesses who, along with ASAT, are concerned about the plethora of treatments that lack scientific support – and the burden this then places on families and service providers who are struggling to make decisions about treatment.

Over forty businesses and organizations participated in our community sponsorship initiative last year. They have indicated their support for ASAT and its mission to disseminate accurate, scientifically-sound information about autism and treatments for autism, and to improve access to effective, science-based treatments for all people with autism, regardless of age, severity of condition, income or place of residence. In 2010, we opened sponsorships up to include the support of members of the business community and other community-based organizations.

There are several levels of sponsorship for 2017, as follows:

  • Sustaining $10,000
  • Partner $5,000
  • Champion $2,000
  • Benefactor $1,000
  • Alliance $500
  • Patron $200

Sponsors will receive:

  • Recognition in two issues of ASAT’s newsletter, Science in Autism Treatment
  • Recognition on from within one month of sponsorship up to the end of the calendar year along with a display of your organization’s icon and a link to your website
  • Partners will receive two half-page ads or one full-page ad in Science in Autism Treatment at no charge
  • Champions will receive two quarter-page ads or one half-page ad in Science in Autism Treatment at no charge
  • Benefactors will receive one quarter-page ad in Science in Autism Treatment at no charge

These sponsorships not only provide financial support used specifically for our dissemination efforts, but also send a clear message that ASAT’s vision is shared by others within the professional community. The funds provided by the ASAT sponsors will help support a number of directed efforts undertaken by ASAT this year (e.g., distribution of Science in Autism Treatment, a journalist/media education program, and public awareness of our newsletter and website).

ASAT’s Professional Sponsors have indicated their support of the following tenets:

  1. All treatments for individuals with autism should be guided by the best available scientific information.
  2. Service providers have a responsibility to rely on science-based treatments.
  3. Service providers should take steps necessary to help consumers differentiate between scientifically-validated treatments and treatments that lack validation.
  4. Consumers should be informed that any treatment lacking scientific support should be pursued with great caution, if at all.
  5. Objective data should be used when making clinical decisions.

The tasks of educating the public about scientifically validated intervention and countering pseudoscience are daunting ones; and ASAT appreciates the support of both our Professional and Community Sponsors. If you are an organization or program involved in autism interested in becoming a professional sponsor, please download the Professional Sponsorship form here.

Disclaimer— ASAT has no formal relationship with any of the above organizations and businesses. Furthermore, their stated endorsement of the above tenets is not verified or monitored by ASAT. Although ASAT expects that all sponsoring organizations will act in accordance with the above statements, we do not assume responsibility for ensuring that sponsoring organizations engage in behavior that is consistently congruent with the statements above.